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Instruction to Pair with ZiiPOS F&B


Please make sure it is for ANZ World Link at the first!

Please make sure the customer received the EFTPOS Machine after 01/08/2023

This process will take about 20-30 Mins

Stages in summary:

  1. reset ANZ EFTPOS Machine,
  2. Connect EFTPOS Machine to WiFI
  3. DHCP reserve on Router (Fix IP address)
  4. Enable the ANZ Payment on ZiiPOS
  5. Enter EFTPOS IP address and port number at ZiiPOS

Success Result:




On the EFTPOS Machine

Switch pinpad to Integrated mode:

===========Reset termain==================
STEP 1:Press the circle button on pinpad

STEP 2:Go to Setup "5"

STEP 3:Enter Password (your terminal password - unique for each device)

STEP 4:Trm Reset

STEP 5:Enter Pwd 1235789 (universal password)

STEP 6:wait for a while for it to reset, it come back to the world line logo screen

=========== Terminal initialization Setting====================

STEP 7: Press circle button and press Pre-configure

STEP 8: Press ECR Integrated

STEP 9: choose WLAN

STEP 10: Choose WLAN Automatic

STEP 11: Choose your Wi-Fi name and enter password

STEP 12:At Productive server page Choose 1

STEP 13: wait for a while for reboot, it come back to the world line logo screen

==============Pair with ZiiPOS======================================================

STEP 14: Press Yellow Button (Clear Button), it will show Terminal ID and IP address

STEP 15: Go to ZiiPOS setting, at Payment Integration Choose Worldline ANZ

STEP 16: Go to the Tablet setting, fill the Terminal IP address from Step 14, fill the port number 80

When it comes back online then it's ready to connect to POS

Press Yellow Button on the EFTPOS machine to get the IP address

On Tablet / Lunas, Go to setting, and swtich to ANZ world link

  1. go to local tablet setting
  2. enter the Terminal IP address
  3. enter the port number : 80
  4. press save


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